Press release: Undercover footage exposes the Estonian fur industry once again

New footage from the Karjaküla fur farm, the biggest of its kind in the Baltics, sheds light on the conditions of intensive fur farming. The video material published by Estonian animal rights organization Loomade Nimel was shot in the summer and autumn of 2014. The investigation focuses on fox cubs who were filmed first after separation from their mothers and afterwards before the killing season.

“Seeing the cubs is indeed heartbreaking. Inevitably you cannot help but think: why are they separated from their mothers and why do they have to grow up in a cage?” says Anita Jürson, the spokesperson for Loomade Nimel. “In addition to spending their lives in an unnatural environment, they are also killed at an early age. Fur is in no way essential to us, it is rather a luxury item. We find raising and killings animals for fur unacceptable and tolerating this shows our disregard for animals.”

For the first time, undercover footage from Karjaküla fur farm reached the public last year. Then, the attention was focused on the gruesome injuries and the fact that Karjaküla was keeping minks and raccoons without a licence and wasn’t abiding environmental regulations.

On the 21st of November Loomade Nimel will organize a support demonstration in front of the Parliament to show support for a ban on fur farmins.  At the same time, the animal advocacy NGO Loomus will present the Parliament with a citizen initiative proposal to ban fur farms that will have to be discussed by the Parliament within 3 months.

Loomade Nimel supports the ban on fur farms on ethical grounds. More than 10 000 people have signed the petition to ban fur farms. According to a recent poll, over half of the population (59%) doesn’t support raising wild animals solely for fur.

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