In today’s society, we ignore the fundamental interests of the animals in many areas (eg. To live, to be free from suffering and species concerned to behave). Animal Use and abuse is so deeply ingrained in our culture that it is taken for granted. Animal’s interests are ignored mainly in the following areas:

1) Animals for food

The use of animals as food is the main cause of large-scale violence against animals. Rearing farm keep animals in confined conditions, and later, their transport and slaughter at the slaughterhouse shows that we do not take into account that those animals have also senses to feel, such as our pets, cats and dogs.

2) Fur Production

Each year is grown and killed for fur production in the world more than 50 million animals. After a short period of stressful life circumstances are killed for fur animals by using a gas or electric shock. Our society is totally unnecessary luxury fur products, which is considered one of the cruel fur industry is often worse form of animal exploitation.

3) Tests on animals

Animal studies often constitute cruel treatment of animals so that the anti-animal testing history goes back to the 19th century. Animal studies carried out in different areas, but the main content is the same: the animals have to participate in experiments often torments the rich, and then they killed.

4) The use of animals in entertainment

Of all the goals of the use of animals is the most trivially or entertainment. However, people must endure for entertainment and sometimes die in a considerable number of animals. The animals used for entertainment circuses, bullfights, zoos, dolphinarium, etc.