Loomade Nimel began operations in 2006. Over the last decade, we have undertaken a variety of campaigns in order to expose a large production leads to systematic cruelty and to promote animal-friendly lifestyle.

Large farms cruelty exposing campaigns :

Seavabrikud – Loomade Nimel’s first revelations of Estonia intensiivpidamisest. In 2012 the unprecedented secretly filmed footage of a child of eight pigs were broadly covered in the mainstream media.

Fur Story – Loomade Nimel baring intensiivpidamisest second time since 2013 reached the public in the first shocking footage of Estonian biggest Karjaküla fur farms.

Animal-friendly lifestyle promotion campaigns :

Vegan restaurant in the campaign – Veganism propagation is very important to make it a way of life for people as easily as possible by one. Unfortunately, veganism makes compliance more difficult by the fact that eating out is part of a little vegetarian options. Therefore, we initiated at the beginning of 2015, in cooperation with the Estonian Vegan Society campaign, which meet various caterers, with a view to persuading them to include in their menu group of vegan options.

Vegan Challenge – in cooperation with the Estonian Vegan Society are calling for people to join the challenge every November, which aims to feed on the plant in a month. This is a good way to experiment with the vegan lifestyle because we supply all the necessary information in the campaign of bounds.