Loomade Nimel is a voluntary work-based organization, which can only function thanks to help and donations from supporters. Its operational history, we have achieved a number of important animal for you. Together you can achieve more!



  • Become a Volunteer
    We are constantly looking Different skills of people who can help us in everyday work. Ways to help us a lot : from infolaudades communicating with people and events to the translation of texts and writing. If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the volunteer form and we’ll definitely be in touch!
  • Show compassion to all animals
    Reduce animal foods in your diet. Pürg vegetarianism, Because by far the most animal suffering in the food industry. HOOKING vegetarian saves an estimated 90 year life of the animal. Read more depth vegetarianism Estonia Vegan Society website.

  • Donations
    We need donations of informational materials and printing of posters, organizing demonstrations, equipment purchase, rent meeting rooms, a web site for the maintenance, legal costs, etc.

Information about donations :

Steady Donation :

Fixed donations allow us to plan in the long term, so that we can better protect the rights of animals.

Become a permanent talent time today and help us continue to work on behalf of animals!

Click the appropriate Standing Order to formalize the bank’s logo and you will have a pre-filled the standing order form (EE291010220206182220, Loomade Nimel Toetusselts MTÜ):


One-Time Donation :

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