Loomade Nimel’s mission is to call our society to makes changes that would improve the lives of all animals. We stand by the completion of the intensive use of animals, entertainment, and in animal experiments. In its mission to move toward the various campaigns and events. Our goal is to expose the systematic mistreatment of animals, which animals are used for the public companies themselves rather obscure. An important part of our work is also offering alternatives to the current way of life founded on exploitation of animals. We consider it important to introduce animal-friendly way of life, especially vegetarian. We believe it is society’s awareness on issues relating to animal nutrition and essential way to make the changes required to implement.

The practical outputs of our work

  • exposing the systematic animal cruelty and injustice (see. ” Seavabrikute ” and ” Fur story ” campaign). In addition to elevating the public awareness with film evenings, information desk and regular postings on social media and website.
  • animal-friendly lifestyles (eg. “Vegan Challenge”, “Vegetable Christmas”, “Vegetarian Food Fair”, vegan dinners and picnics, information boards on the streets and at events where we share out leaflets and talking to people)