Anita Jürson – Loomade Nimel campaigns coordinator and spokesperson

Anita attended the first event of Loomade Nimel in 2008 and has since been constantly linked to the organization’s work. He has fulfilled various functions over the years, and currently owns more responsible for the organization than ever before. Despite the challenging work of discretion Anita sees it as an excellent opportunity to develop themselves and the animals do something meaningful to do. Her interests are traveling, psychology, learning languages and reading.

1048755_595383520482757_297359850_oMartin Garbuz – Loomade Nimel Tartu Region Coordinator

Martin has been actively involved in the organization Loomade Nimel since 2007. Over the years, he has participated in a number of major campaigns and events. In 2013 he founded, together with other volunteers, the Tartu Loomade Nimel group, which has now been operating for over a year and has organized a variety of events, movie nights and dinners vegan arutlusringideni. Activism is important for him to constant self-improvement and meaningful work. She is currently studying Spanish Philology Master program.

10610947_833900893310354_6148326598159808975_nMaarja Laineviir – Vegan food events coordinator

Mary joined the organization Loomade Nimel in autumn 2014. Her major task is the organization of Tartus vegan dinners.
Mary joined the organization because of her desire to do everything possible to induce changes in the world of animals accepted. In addition, she take an active part in the events and campaigns of Loomade Nimel. She is currently studying in Tartu rekreatsioonikorraldust.

Rando Sand – Newsletter Editor in Chief

Rando found the back of the organization Loomade Nimel in 2014. He will be responsible for issuing regular monthly newsletter and help organizing events.
Rando is convinced that nowadays people -and very lopsided relationship between the animals. The animals are considered objects, resources and entertainment and this attitude has taken unimaginable dimensions. He himself wants to give the best to the animals as much as possible to do good.
She is currently studying at the University of Tartu, journalism and communications.

Marta Limmer – Tartu movie nights coordinator and newsletter editor

Marta is closely linked to the organization since 2013, when Tartu was established by a group of volunteers. Loomaõiguslus has fascinated him before, but the way of the revival in the field of Loomade Nimel organization affiliation. Since then, Marta has helped to organize a variety of events, but basically, he is responsible for movie nights and newsletter creation of content. Activism us feel it is important to open communication and believes that every volunteer should focus its work according to what people seek to address. Now he is studying at the Tartu University, master’s degree in semiotics and cultural theory, and especially interested in animal and nature conservation, hiking, arts and crafts.